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Target Trigger Refinement PLUS Service Trigger Reliability for Your 7.62 H&K Rifle

The Geissele HK MR 762 trigger is a direct-replacement upgrade for your Heckler & Koch MR762, MR308, or semi auto HK 417 rifle. Very similar in design to Geissele's SSA trigger for the AR-15 platform, the MR 762 trigger has a fixed, two-stage pull. The first-stage is 2.75-3.0 lbs., followed by a second stage of 1.5-1.75 lbs., for a total pull weight of 4.25-4.75 lbs. (Pull weights are approximate and will vary from one trigger assembly to another due to manufacturing tolerances.) This is an ideal all-around pull weight for competition, precision shooting, law enforcement use, and similar applications.

Geissele has fitted the HK MR 762 trigger with a classic M4-type curved trigger shoe that a wide variety of shooters find comfortable. It automatically positions the finger to give you excellent control to "stack" the first stage of the pull, then gently, almost imperceptibly apply the last bit of pressure to release the hammer. Like all Geissele triggers, contact surfaces are precision-honed for smooth, consistent, reliable operation AND a long service life.

  • Drop-in UPGRADE for factory trigger
  • Smooth, consistent, clean-breaking
  • 2-stage pull: 2.75-3.0 lb. first stage, 1.5-1.75 lb. second stage
  • Total pull weight 4.25-4.75 lbs.
  • Fits Heckler & Koch MR762, MR308 & semi-auto HK 417 rifles

This is a simple one-for-one replacement for the factory trigger. If you can swap an AR-15 trigger, you can install this one! Kit includes complete trigger/hammer/disconnector assembly and all necessary components for installation, plus instructions.

Install Geissele's MR 762 trigger in your H&K rifle today and see just how much better your scores can be!

Brownells Gun Techâ„¢ Note: With the Geissele MR 762 trigger installed in your rifle, the hammer must be cocked in order to engage the safety. This is different from the H&K factory trigger, which allows the selector to be placed on "Safe" with the hammer forward.

78.25 /100
  • Design


  • Performance


  • Value for money


  • Feature


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